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Year 2019 was a great for smartphones. Some of the interesting features that debuted this year have been nothing short of big innovation married to great technology. Here are 5 features that revolutionized smartphones in 2019: 

Foldable phones 

You know this one all too well. Had you asked me about screen-foldable smartphones in 2018, I could have mistaken you for a crazy person. I had a hard time understanding what my eyes were seeing the first time I saw Samsung Galaxy Fold. It gave me a feeling that the phone would be extremely fragile, which it was during beta testing. Yet, Samsung managed to craft it to perfection and sell it successfully to the 1% who could afford it.    

Multiple rear cameras 

It was extremely common to find smartphones with more than two rear camera lenses in 2019. Reviewers reckon that there was rarely a smartphone that did not have a dual or triple-camera system. The first lens is used primarily to capture the image, while the second and third cameras usually provide telephoto, wide-angle, and auto-focus support.    

Punch-hole front cameras 

Punch-hole cameras have made smartphones with extremely high screen-to-body ratio possible. It saves you from view-invading notches made for a single selfie camera. The feature debuted with Honor View 20, and will later be perfected in Vivo X30. Other phones with punch-hole camera design include Samsung Note 10, Galaxy 10+, Nokia X71, Vivo Z1 Pro and Redmi K30.   

In-display fingerprint scanner 

The in-display fingerprint scanner is a great feature that removes the limitation of a particular panel dedicated to finger-pattern scanning. All you have to do is tap your thumb on the screen for a few seconds and you’re ready to go.  

Pop-up cameras 

It’s irritating to find your smartphone’s rear camera getting scratched when faced down on a surface. Thankfully, pop-up variety have made it possible for cameras to appear only when they are needed. When you select the camera app, you’ll find the camera(s) pop from the top automatically. If the phone suddenly falls, the pop-up camera panel has a defense mechanism and instantly closes to avoid damage. 

More revolutionizing features are yet to come. Keep reading our blogs for more updates. 

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