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A few days ago, I received a forwarded message on my phone listing all the dangers of 5G cellular technology. It talked about animals acting crazy and birds dying mid-air due to the high frequency of 5G networks. It looked like something out of a Hollywood movie, but did make me think about how it can impact the health of the masses when 3G and 4G alone can cause traces of radiation in a human body.   

Back in April, European countries like Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands raised a red flag on 5G tests. In the United States, a humble number of studies were done to find out if 5G has any major health impacts or not. Most of the results came negative but the fundamentals of 5G dictate that it can potentially be a dangerous technology. 

So, why exactly is 5G deemed so hazardous? The answer is related to 5G’s properties. In the electromagnetic spectrum, this digital cellular network falls along with the likes of Ultraviolet rays, X rays, and Gamma rays. These electromagnetic radiations are known for their high frequency and short wavelength, which is very powerful and categorized as an ionizing radiation.   

You already know that X rays are passed through a human body to take pictures of one’s dense bones. Like X rays, 5G shears through atoms of the cells and breaks chemical bonds into a DNA. The damaged cells can lead to cancer. Medical associations around the world have regulations on the use of X rays, since overusing the tech can increase the chances of tumors and cancerous cells. 

3G and 4G cellular technologies work between the frequency of 1.9 GHz and 2.2 GHz and are known to elevate heat signatures in a person’s temple area. It’s only logical that 5G will have more intensity, although not strong enough to kill pigeons mid-air. Hopefully, the future will introduce a means to bypass 5G’s harmful effects soon. 

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