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Remember Panasonic A100? The phone was really popular back in 2004. Actress Bipasha Basu endorsed it, featuring how handy it was, and how easily it slipped into the small pockets of her jeans. Continuing the tradition of small phones, Zini, a UK-based mobile company, released Zanco Tiny T1 in May, 2018. It was promoted rightly as the world’s smallest functionable phone. Now, its successor Zanco Tiny T2 is here. 

Zanco Tiny T2 will be available just like its predecessor was distributed. It can be availed with free shipping to India by pledging more than $59 on Zini’s Kickstarter page. Pledgers will receive a standard package of the phone, including a micro-USB cable, a SIM card pin needle, and an instruction manual.

So how small is Zanco Tiny T2? The Kickstarter page reveals the phone to have dimensions 2.4 X 1.8 inches and a thickness of 0.65 inches. My first impression of this phone wasn’t too good, as I doubted if people would be able to handle it properly. I thought about how the Great Khali would type in with his big fingers. Clearly, Zanco Tiny T2 isn’t for people with big hands. 

My impression changed when I saw that the phone can take pictures with its 0.3-pixel camera. It’s not too fine, but gets the work done. The only drawback of the phone in the camera department is that it cannot record videos. Furthermore, a 1-inch TFT screen displays basic multimedia through 128 X 96-pixel resolution.   

The phone supports 3G networks for swift communication. You can play MP3 and MP4 files on the phone as well, through a micro SD card. However, I don’t think the phone will last too long on heavy usage due to its 500 mAh battery. 

Zanco Tiny T2 is a great phone if you have average-sized hands and bare mobile phone requirements. The camera and multimedia features are fair advantages thrown in to make the phone more marketable. Would I buy it? For its handiness, yes.  

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