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It’s all about blocks for this device. BOB (Blok on Blok), a new smartphone created by Pundi X, has been crowned the world's first modular smartphone that’s blockchain-centric. Pundi X is a major decentralized cryptocurrency sales network that presented BOB in the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 and CES 2020 Innovation Awards.

Previously, Pundi X released a cryptocurrency wallet service called XWallet, and an extremely secure point-of-sale device called XPOS for buying, selling, and accepting digital currencies. Now, BOB is taking care of both these functions by providing users absolute control on the data. 

BOB is powered by X OS, an open-source operating system. All the tasks on the phone, from making calls to web browsing, are done on a decentralized network. The high-level encryption makes everything secure. Each functional unit of Blok on Blok is a part of the entire Function X blockchain system.

Blok on Blok provides a regular Android 9.0 Pie experience. The phone is strengthened by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset with Adreno 512 GPU that’s boosted by a 6GB RAM. Base storage is 128GB that can be expanded up to 512GB.

BOB features Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) visuals through a 4.97-inch AMOLED screen. Images can be captured using the phone’s 48MP primary camera and a front-facing 16MP camera. Reviewers say that the photo quality and composition are decent but could do better in low light. 

As mentioned before, this phone is modular, which means that the phone can be separated into different modules. The phone is sold with a MOD assembly kit and some standard parts that can be integrated easily. Additional components can be ordered from Pundi X’s website. 

BOB is available for pre-orders online for $599. This is one of those rare phones that combines the most sought-after features in the market. Should you buy it? If you value privacy more than your bank balance, you should. Do let me know how the phone turns out!  

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