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I wrestled through the month of July 2017 handicapped because my Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro decided to visit the smartphone screen repair center following a hard tumble on the road. The screen shattered easily even though I had a tempered glass screen protector fixed onto it. Screen replacement was difficult because of the local Samsung Service Center’s crass support.

A few days after the mobile screen repair, my Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro started to look thicker from the back and bulged on the display. It looked like an issue of faulty motherboard placement in the phone, but the problem came out to be something dangerous. The smartphone’s battery was swollen, which at the time I let slide because of my ignorance. Subsequently, the phone stopped working after 5 months due to complications in the battery. 

I later learned that the battery could have exploded, as they did in Samsung Galaxy Note 7s in 2016. The chemistry behind the potential explosion is simple. The Lithium-ion batteries perform oxidation and reduction reactions to charge power your phone. If it is not able to fully use all the compounds in the seal for the reaction, it will leave byproducts, which are undesirable. In this case, the byproduct was a mixture of gases, which expanded the battery’s jacket.  

If you keep on charging, the phone will eventually explode and catch fire due to the oxidation. Luckily, I was spared by my Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro’s battery. If your phone shows similar protrusion near the edges, the back, and the screen, contact your phone’s support immediately or take it to a service center. Replacement of the battery should be done instantaneously, but in case that does not happen, GoEasyRepair handles non-screen replacement cases from time to time.  

To recap, stop charging your phone after the battery shows swelling and change it immediately. It may cost around Rs 700 to 1,100, depending on the smartphone’s model and capacity. Take an initiative and stay safe! 


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