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My friend Ankit planned to buy a Samsung Galaxy S10 before December 15 after saving up money rigorously for the last 3 months. Sadly, his phone (OnePlus 7 Pro) was snatched along with his wallet late at night by a gang of thieves when he was coming home. This major setback prompted him to buy another expensive phone. 

This time he bought a Vivo V17 pro. Now, he has to start saving again. In my opinion, it’s better to buy a really cheap phone as a buffer if your dream machine is too expensive, or you lose your savings to something else. To help, here are some of the top smartphones you can buy under Rs 7,000.  

Lenovo K8 Plus

This phone is the winner of this list with a 2.5 GHz CPU, a full HD screen (1080X1920 pixels), and a front camera flash. All of this is powered using a 4000 mAh battery.  

Nokia 4.2 

Nokia provides more RAM than any other phone on this list, apart from Lenovo K8 Plus. It is one of the lightest smartphones that weighs around 161 grams. Nokia 4.2 has dual cameras and a fingerprint sensor that delivers instant locking/unlocking advantage over the traditional pattern and PIN entering mechanism.   

Redmi 7

If you want a slim smartphone with a 6.26-inch screen and a 4000 mAh battery, Redmi 7 is your best bet. It’s a better option than Vivo Y91i because of its dual camera system.    

Vivo Y91i

This phone is popular for its huge screen that measures 6.22 inches. In addition, it’s really light on your palm, weighing just a little over 162 grams. Vivo Y91i fits in your pockets easily with its 8.3 mm cross section. However, it’s really low on RAM (2 GB), which is why it’s not ideal for gaming.    

RealMe C2

RealMe C2 has the sharpest camera combination with 12 MP + 2 MP configuration. The only drawback this phone carries is its heavy weight compared to its small screen size and low 720p recording.   

Quit worrying about your budget and get one of these phones today!

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