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My friend Shruti got a brand new iPhone from her father on her last birthday. It was the first expensive phone she had ever owned, but ended up with a broken mobile screen recently when it fell off her hands right onto the gravelled path.

Her handset was out of warranty period. The Apple service centre quoted Rs 10,000 to replace her iPhone screen, and it was beyond her budget. 

Shruti submitted her mobile to a local repair shop near her workplace. The guy at the shop assured her of service and guarantee. She got her mobile screen repaired at half the price. 

However, one week later, the mobile screen crashed, when she put it in her pocket. She rushed to the shop and claimed for replacement. The guy replaced her phone screen with a low-quality screen in order to save his cost. My friend was not aware of the fact that choosing the wrong repair shop can be really harmful to her phone. Being a greenhorn in repairing phone screen, the repair guy destroyed the battery as well.

The mobile was functional only for two days and after that, the display got damaged permanently. She finally went to the Apple service center but hey asked her to pay double the amount to fix her mobile. Shruti ended up with a dead iPhone, all because she choose to compromise on the repair job.

Folks, if you hand over your iPhone to an untrustworthy repair shop  it can damage your mobile forever. Be a smart person while choosing the service provider of mobile screen repair. Besides quality, you will also get peace of mind. And that’s a big thing. 


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