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Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 held in Las Vegas, showcased some of the most exciting products. One of these is Cyrcle, a smartphone unlike its contemporaries.  This phone stands out, thanks to its non-confirming circular shape.  

The company developing this smartphone called dTOOR, is aiming to launch Cyrcle in the first quarter. The phone will be price-tagged at $700.

dTOOR had a 2G model of the phone back in 2016. Throughout the years, the developers have managed to add 4G LTE along with handier design modifications. Cyrcle runs Android 9 (Pie). The phone features a 3.45-inch diameter touchscreen. The exact dimensions of the phone are 6.44x3x0.34 inches (163.7x76.1x8.7mm).  

The phone has a 2GB RAM, which is not too high compared to its contemporaries, but gets the work done. Cyrcle also has two 13 MP cameras, one on the front and the other at the back. Users are able to use two SIMs simultaneously as well. The best feature of this smartphone is definitely its two-headphone jack system. The Cyrcle team explained that it wanted two headphone jacks as it noticed younger users desperately wanting to listen to music together. This phone is built for music.   

According to Christina Cyr, phone apps have to be reengineered to run perfectly on Cyrclem, which will take a little time and support from the original app developers. User feedback reveals that the phone fits comfortably in the hands. However, the phone is a bit thick and protrudes a little from the front pant pockets. Additionally, people will have to relearn how to hold a phone and get used to this new shape.   

Cyrcle will launch its pre-order campaign around May. It will be available at a presale price of $500. Do let us know what it feels like in the comments if you happen to buy one! 

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