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I’ve never thrown away a single smartphone I’ve owned over the last 8 years (except Redmi note 2014, since it was irreparable). My old phones are tucked away in the wardrobe where kids can’t find them. Deep down, I knew they’d prove useful later. Judging by some of the situations coming my way, I think I’ll take the phones out. 

Old smartphones (2011 models and after) can be put to use instead of a variety of gadgets. Some of the examples are: 


Since you do it so often, the fact that driving is risky eludes your mind. To protect yourself against bad drivers and corrupt traffic police, you can mount your old phone as a permanent dashcam. It just needs to be charged often. Try to use an old phone with a good camera. 

Wi-Fi extender 

If the Wi-Fi router is in the living room and you can’t pick up the signal at a faraway corner of the house, I suggest using a Wi-Fi extender mid-way. You can turn a smartphone into one. All you have to do is download the Netshare app and connect it with your Wi-Fi. Turn on its hotspot option and you’re done.   

Baby monitor 

You’ll need two smartphones for this. One for the parent and another for the baby. The latter should be placed on a stable surface facing the nursery. Download Cloud Baby Monitor on both of them and you’re ready to use them. 

Home security alarm system 

With home security apps like Salient Eye, you’ll instantly receive a message or a mail if someone breaks into your house after arming the app. These security apps will also take pictures of the break-in and send it to you.  

If you find your phone unable to help in any of the above cases, you can always donate it to an organization that redistributes used mobile phones among poor communities and needy non-profit organizations. Some of them serve victims of domestic abuse and soldiers.  

Re-selling them is an option, but I don’t think you’ll get a bulky return on the trade of an old almost-obsolete mobile phone.   

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