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Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 has been unveiled to the world and is considered a giant leap into the future of smartphones. The processor is said to be more than 25% faster than its predecessors and will support 5G when integrated with Snapdragon X55, later in the year 2020.  

Judd Heape, the Senior Director of Product Management in Qualcomm confirmed that the upcoming phones in 2020 will be released with 200 MP camera models. The only thing Judd Heape did not reveal are the names of the companies that are going to release such overpowered mobile phones. There are speculations that Samsung will use the 200-megapixel camera support in Galaxy Fold 2. Moreover, Xiaomi and Oppo have been vocal about their support to Snapdragon 865. Recently, Xiaomi has also launched a 108-megapixel camera called Xiaomi Mi Note 10.

The Senior Director hints several additions to Snapdragon 865 that will complement the camera. Smartphone enthusiasts and reviewers believe the phones will be akin to mini DSLRs that’ll be able to process images exceeding 2 MB in size. AI-powered noise reduction and laser autofocus-like features shall be just the tip of the iceberg that’ll make phones with Snapdragon 865 worth buying for the camera(s) alone. Reports say that Snapdragon 865 will support Dolby Vision video along with 8K and 4K recording at 120fps.

I hope Snapdragon 865 also enhances augmented reality technologies so they can be applied in useful applications and not just Instagram filters. With a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 in their phone, gamers can expect a heavy change in the graphics, especially loading times and texture rendering. I like to think it could lead to real time tracing of dynamic shadows that have just been introduced in RTX 2080 Ti graphics card. The goals are lofty but not unachievable!        

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