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Everyone knows about Tik Tok, your occasional dose of cringe (in my opinion) that sometimes makes you wish for the Sun to die out soon. A 15-second video can be recorded with Tik-Tok, featuring your face moving along the lyrics of a song. It can bring you infamy more than fame, since the platform is filled with atrocious content more than funny ones.   

TikTok was launched by the Chinese company ByteDance to capture the market left by Vine, a 6-second video platform which went off air in May, 2018 due to financial and legal hurdles. In fact, Vine was originally owned by Twitter. The social media juggernaut deemed Vine to be unprofitable, and began to cut jobs to make the venture profitable. 

The creators had postponed the development of V2, Vine’s proposed successor. The app is now reborn as Byte, bringing back the 6-second video format Vine was popular for. 

Byte Users can post 6-second videos by recording through the app or uploading a pre-existing video with creative edits. It has been developed to promote good content. The follower counts have been purposely hidden to avoid any kind of follower race that would introduce poor content. Moreover, user profiles can't be shared to make sure the top creators are invisible. Byte is going to add a creator's program to help influencers earn money with their videos, as opposed to .

As of now, Byte is available in over 40 countries. This includes USA, Canada, Russia, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and a selected few European countries. The app is not available in India as of yet. I tried searching for it, but the Play Store did not return with the right results.

I hope It comes to India soon as I had planned to make a Vine career before Bhuvan Bam was popular.  

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