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Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is set to be relaunched on October 1 after suffering embarrassing reviews on its. The issue which gave critics a lot to talk about involved broken screen when the phone was folded, a feature the entire device has been modeled around.   

The phone earlier was more prone to damage when bent. Even if it didn’t break right away, lines would form crossing the latitudes of pixels. The damage would cause flickering on the screen and bulges between the halves. Originally, the phone was slated for release on April 26 this year. Samsung will announce the exact date of release in September. 

The Galaxy Fold’s design will be changed to introduce screen reinforcements, internal strengthening, and hinge replacement. As a result, the phone has become rigid around the previously weak areas. It will help keep out dust and unwanted particles as well.    

The main issue, which was about the confusing protective layer on the screen that mimicked a removable cover, has been resolved. The overlay now runs beyond the bezel, but still seems problematic as no there’s no other alternative to the film. It still seems like there’s enough room to pull out the protective layer again, leading to costly mobile screen repair

The phone may be priced around Rs 1,40,000, which point the screen’s price to be around Rs 40,000, if done without warranty. The price and availability may go up, depending on the response Galaxy Fold gets from the customers.  

Samsung provided images for what will look like the new Galaxy Fold. The images are not real photographs but graphical representations, predominantly of built-up area around the hinge. Although, it does say that there will not be any stylistic updates.

Samsung reaffirmed that price will not change following the relaunch. Mobile screen repair cases may rise sharply for the Galaxy Fold because of the exposed layer. Samsung needs to find a way that eliminates this exposed element once and for all.    

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