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Mobile screen repairs can be a big a deal for people who are not technologically inclined. Even for a beginner mobile technician, some smartphone models can be challenging, even though all of these phones have a generic frame. On that note, to educate, here’s a general outline of the main components a smartphone.  

pulled apart for repairs

Battery Cover

The sheath at the back of the smartphone that protects the battery from external damage. 


Literally, the powerhouse of the shell (pun intended). A smartphone battery’s capacity is measured in milliamp Hour (mAh), a unit of power. A 3,000 mAh battery can last over 20 hours under normal usage.   

Mobile Bottom Shelf 

The bottom shelf of the mobile is a metal frame separates the battery from the mother board and also holds them together. It keeps the camera in place as well. 


The main circuitry of the phone where all the magic happens. The motherboard is responsible for all your smartphone’s capabilities and communication between different components. This is where the mobile processor is located. 


The camera is a detachable entity in your smartphone. If anything happens your camera, it can be replaced with another unit of the same build, easily.   

Mobile Face Shelf 

The mobile shelf compartmentalizes the motherboard and the display unit. It is used in a smartphone to hold together the display and touch panel. 

Display Unit 

This is your smartphone’s screen. It’s the component we replace (including touch panel) when your smartphone takes a hard fall on its face. The display unit comes in different varieties, like LCD, OLED. AMOLED, etc.     

Touch Panel

The capacitive touch panel is the primary component a user can interact with and send commands through touching and certain motions. 

GoEasyRepair offers the securest mobile screen repair in the industry since our technicians fix your mobile’s screen under your watch. However, if you still feel nervous about handing your phone to another person, there’s one big precaution you can take.   

You need note down the serial number of your smartphone’s battery and different components if it is accessible. Selling a 3,000 mAh battery can easily fetch over Rs 1,200. If the component lacks a serial number, try to put a subtly distinguishable mark on it that only you can identify.

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