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Company posts confirmatory tweet for its most awaited phone

“Wait 'til you see what it can do,” says Google confirming the upcoming flagship phone Pixel 4. Google validates the tittle-tattle dredged up over social media by uploading its first picture on Twitter. 

Source - Mady by Google
Source - Twitter

Google confirmed the square camera bump with three rear cameras with its uploaded image on Twitter. The features of the front camera haven't been disclosed yet. We can expect a massive change in the camera quality.

There is good news for the people who disliked notch in the last model, a top part of the display that contains a front camera and various sensors. Google is finally stepping up their game by removing the notch to attract phone buyers who consider notch to be the ugliest thing.

The released images show a better picture of a handset as compared to last year’s model. However, we can’t comment on the features of this upcoming model as there is no official announcement out yet. 

Rumours have it that Pixel 4 may have 3D Sonic Sensor, the first ultrasonic fingerprint readers. There is hearsay around about the Project Soli Chip, a technology to use miniature radar to detect touchless gesture interactions. There is a probability that it will run on Android Q.

Experts say that there is a possibility of removal of all the physical buttons and capacitive touch areas in this flagship phone. There are also rumors of two speaker grills on either side of the USB-C port placed on the edge. We may expect the volume and power button to be the right side.

We can say that this time Google came with a wide-angle solution with exclusive back camera and notch-removal decision. We can expect a couple of more surprises on the way. Let’s wait and watch!

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