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Wouldn’t it be great to have a smartphone that doesn’t run out of juice  in less than 6 hours? Well, according to a Huawei leak, that smartphone is already here. A week ago, Huawei France tweeted about a new smartphone series that will feature the biggest smartphone innovation in years.   

The tweet revealed the P40 series, which will reportedly be powered by a graphene battery. This powerhouse will be made from Graphene instead of lithium-ion. It will support better battery capacity and faster wireless charging. 

Although Huawei deleted the tweet later, some smartphone enthusiasts had already saved the message. The tweet was unofficial and did not provide any official information on the P40 series.

It so happens that French blog Android received a better leak from Huawei France, who incidentally has a policy of not fanning rumors or speculations. The tech blog says that Huawei P40 will be equipped with a 5000 mAh battery made of Graphene, accompanied by a 50W charger that gives a 100% full charge in 45 minutes.  

The P40 series is expected to have 5 rear cameras. One will be a 64MP Sony IMX686 primary sensor, then a 20MP ultrawide, a 12MP periscope telephoto (10x optical zoom), a macro camera, and finally a 3D ToF camera unit. The ‘Pro’ version of the series may also come with a screen measuring between 6.5" and 6.7.

Li Xiaolong, Huawei’s vice president reported to a Chinese news portal about the rumor to being fake. Industry experts suggest that Graphene batteries won’t be available just now, not even in 2020. It may take another year or so to develop a Graphene battery-powered smartphone.

This smartphone is Huawei’s next ambitious project. Since word got out of its early phases of development, people now think that it’ll be released shortly.     

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