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OnePlus 7 Pro camera

Big screen smartphones are trending these days. They are popular for the vivid and huge screen. Various brands have forayed into the market with new features and functionality to break new ground in screen technology.

In order to expand the screen-to-body ratio, various brands are introducing numerous features that include trendy notch mobiles, slide-out cameras, and pop-up cameras. These ideas have been originated with an objective of removing the camera and mobile keys out of the screen in order to increase the surface area.

Pop-up camera is generally a mechanical module with the voluntarily ability to take out the camera out whenever required. The camera comes out smoothly with cool sound effects.

Smartphones with pop-up cameras are taking a leading edge in today’s marketplace. The ideology behind this innovation is to reduce the overall screen area and make the screen looks bigger. Vivo was the first brand to come up with its unique smartphone, Vivo NEX with 6.59-inch AMOLED display. This model was created with the aim of increasing screen to body ratio and enhance customer satisfaction. 

With the pop-up camera feature, companies provide a regular notch-less screen. Vivo and Oppo are popular brands offering these handsets. Apart from Vivo NEX, Vivo V15 Pro is also a popular model with all-screen AMOLED display and triple rear-cameras to which the pop-up camera has been aligned. Oppo F11 and Oppo F11 Pro have also joined the race with their exclusive pop-up camera features.

The OnePlus7 Pro that recently entered the market of pop-up camera smartphones, is creating ripples. It is achieving popularity because of its 48 MP rear camera, 90 Hz display with QHD+ resolution, and a trendy pop-up camera. The classy pop-up camera contains a 16MP camera with the exclusive functions of face recognition and selfies.

If you are a big screen lover, try out these handsets. I am sure you’ll love them.

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