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Xiaomi phone mi 10 pro

Xiaomi’s Mi 10 Pro news leaks suggest that the upcoming phone will have 16 GB RAM. To put that into perspective, gaming desktops with RTX 2080Ti graphic cards use 16 GB RAM to avoid bottlenecking performance. 

I have an old laptop I used to game on before I bought a Play station 4 Pro. The laptop only has 4 GB RAM along with a 2 GB graphic card. It barely runs GTA 5, where all of the renders load late and cause the game to crash often. It is surprising that smartphones nowadays have more RAM than my laptop.  

The features of this Superman-of-smartphones have been shared on microblogging site Weibo by an unknown leaker. Specifications say that the phone will debut with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 System on a Chip (SoC). Mi 10 Pro, may also come with a 65W fast charging support, according to rumors. 

The leak includes screenshots of Mi 10 Pro 5G’s About page. The screenshots brandish a 6.4-inch full-HD+ (1080x2080 pixels) display and 512GB internal storage apart from the 16 GB RAM. The biggest brag this phone can throw is its quad-camera setup. Mi 10 Pro’s primary model has a 108 MP primary sensor along with a 16 MP, 12 MP, and 5 MP additional sensors. A 16 MP camera graces the phone’s front for selfies. All of the above are powered by a 5,250mAh battery.   

Again, like Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, this ‘leak’ seems to be on purpose to attract potential customers who have plans to buy a different phone. It’s a great passive-aggressive tactic in my opinion. Let’s hope Xiaomi delivers what it’s promising. 

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