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We spend a major chunk of our lives staring into our smartphones. A recent study called ‘Smartphone and their impact on human relationships’ by Gurugram-based market analysis company called Cybermedia Research (CMR), in association with mobile brand Vivo published its findings about the impact  smartphones have on human behavior and their social life.         

A key point made by the study was that Indians, on an average, spend a third of their non-sleeping hours on their smartphones. That totals to  1,800 hours a year.    

Moreover, compared to the last decade, there’s been a steady decline in the number of people meeting their family and friends. More than 33% people admitted not having a conversation without taking a peek at their mobile screen. Around 73% of the screened smartphone users agree that it can severely impact the mental health of an individual, probably leading to self-imposed social isolation.

This survey involved online questionnaires and personal interviews conducted across 8 metropolitans across India. A balanced mix of respondents were recorded, including young adults, homemakers, and working professionals between the ages of 18 and 45. The total sample space was of 2,000 individuals, out of which, 36% were female.      

Brand Strategy Director of Vivo India, Nipun Marya, explains, “Smartphones are ubiquitous in our lives today, be it connecting with friends, family, entertainment, eating out or even travel or entertainment. As the “born in the net” generation grows up as digital natives, there is a fundamental change underway within society- redefining relationships, interactions and the very fabric of human emotions and exchanges.” On his company’s social responsibility, he added, “As a brand that believes in the well-being of our customers, we commissioned this study to get insight into a very pertinent issue that we collectively must address and debate as a community.”

I personally think that if a profit-driven organization is telling you “Hey, take it easy with our product”, then it’s high time we should lay off the screen. We need to give our children a better role model as well. 

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