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The popular mobile company, OnePlus, has uploaded a video for its upcoming smartphone titled ‘OnePlus Concept One’. The mobile’s been a hot topic since the video revealed ‘invisible cameras’ on the phone. Turns out, OnePlus has found a way to hide the camera slits within the phone, without obscuring the cameras’ view path.        

The ‘invisible camera’ has been achieved using electrochromic glass. This company is one of the first in the smartphone market to explore the applications of this particular glass composition. OnePlus claims to follow the philosophy of ‘burden-less’ designing, where it tries to introduce efficiency through minimalism and highly optimized software. 

Since it was established, this mobile company has been creating flagship smartphones based on its ‘burdenless’ planning. OnePlus Concept One meets this philosophy through the electrochromic glass, an electronically tintable glass that cloaks the rear lenses. The camera holes are revealed only when an application that needs to access the camera is opened.     

The OnePlus Concept One back glass is able to create tints of different colours when subjected to an electrical field. Varying voltages are passed through the electrochromic glass to alter the shades of the glass. This awesome technology is used by aviation and top automobile companies to create windshields that can reduce sun glare while above the clouds. The Boeing 787 and McLaren 720 use electrochromic glass. 

OnePlus Concept One will be completely unveiled in CES 2020 at the Palmer 2 showroom in Wynn Las Vegas, 7-10 January. In addition to the phone’s demo, visitors will also get to see the next step OnePlus will take in furthering mobile tech. 

Personally, I think this is a great feat for a mobile company to use electrochromic glass in their flagship phones. Everyone will soon be able to change the colour of their mobile phones through this technology.   

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