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Samsung Note 10 is grabbing the attention of the crowd. This flagship mobile joined the list of competitive smartphones on August 8, 2019.

The movie-tech camera, gaming soothe, and the smart pen are the unparalleled features appreciated by users. The polished gorilla glass catches the light and generate an unexceptional aura. Various distinctive UI interactions are designed to provide a remarkable user experience.

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However, a part of the population is dissatisfied with the display resolution and the screen size. With certain disappointment for the screen features in a flagship mobile, many community groups and social media platforms were filled with negative feedback. If this matter doesn't bother you, you’ll love this smartphone.

The exclusive blue light feature exists in every Samsung smartphone nowadays. Samsung Note 10 also comes with an eye comfort display equipped with blue cut technology. It has the great capability to protect your eyes from the light without compromising the colour.

The on-screen fingerprint scanner is also a well-established feature, which helps in the 3D ridges detection. The infinity-O display of the front camera reduces on-screen interruptions for a wonderful display experience. The camera quality is phenomenal with flagship-matched specifications. You won't get disappointed here at all!

The Samsung Note 10+ comes with the most advanced features. The most prominent one is the presence of the dead sensor. Many other camera tricks and other specifications are also there. You can definitely think of purchasing Note 10+ if you are planning to buy an upgraded model. According to me, it won’t make much difference in terms of basic features, such as camera quality, screen size, intelligent pen, etc.

Apart from appreciations and applause, the brand is also facing some criticism because of the negative feedback posted on social media. However, Samsung continues with futuristic updates and pending launches. The brand is motivated and confident about the handsets drove with advanced and innovative technologies.

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The mixed reviews may confuse you, whether you should buy Samsung Note 10 or Note 10 Plus. Be a smart buyer and select as per your needs and choice.

What do you think about these recently released smartphones? Mention in the comments section.

August 17, 2019


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