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Samsung is finally going to relaunch its foldable device, Samsung Galaxy Fold, with unique technological features. Apart from plugging all the shortcomings pointed out in the unsuccessful launch last year, the brand has added various new features in the handset to provide a first-grade user experience.

samsung galaxy fold

The relaunch of Samsung Galaxy Fold is the talk of the town since a couple of months. Due to the negative reviews garnered in the previous release, Samsung stopped the final release of the handset. The brand realized its mistake of releasing the mobile off the cuff. This time Samsung has entered the smartphone market with the jury-rigged features.

With the previous mistake of impromptu release, this time the brand has come up with the multi-layered technical reviews. Samsung hasn't changed the overall handset design. However, it introduced a few new rehearsed features. The display features are kept similar with 7.3” infinity Flex Display, along with a 4.6” Super AMOLED panel.

Rubbery protection has been introduced which does not allow entry of dust particles. The layer at the top has been protected by the digitizer, with no scope of accidental scratches.

The handset may face stiff competition from other brands planning to launch phones with advanced technology. The handset is equipped with six cameras and the Snapdragon 855.

You don't need to bother about the storage capacity with its 12GB RAM Its wonderful gaming platform will ensure you have great experience. The handset is equipped with a 4,380 mAh battery. Samsung plans to release the model in all countries one by one.

Will Samsung be able to script a success story this time? Let's wait and watch.

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