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The smartphone market is gearing up for the first rollable mobile. This exclusive model can be rolled up like a parchment scroll.

Sony, known for its innovation, is popular for developing effective LCD screens and smartphones. Now, the brand is introducing a technology in the world of android phones.

Numerous brands have been planning to bring foldable mobile phones to grab the attention of consumers. The parchment model of Sony can prove to be a unique handset with its rolling capability. 

It is rumoured that the model features Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Processor with an X50 modem. This handset will support multi-gigabit 4G connectivity with transformative 5G experience. You can expect a 3,230 mAh battery with a storage capacity of around 3,200 milliampere hours. The focus is made on providing the most advanced technologies and features, which also includes 10x zoom camera.

It is expected that this handset will be out in the market by December of early-2020. Let's wait and watch for the package of surprises Sony will bring for mobile users.

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