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Crime is something that a lone civilian can’t control. We can only take significant steps to avoid being the victim. One such crime is mobile phone snatching. Here are some useful tips to keep your device from the clutch of phone-snatchers.  

Use your front pockets 

A lot of people put their smartphones in the back pocket of their trousers. This can be really risky if the phone does not fit entirely into the pocket, or if the trouser is loosely fit. Deft hands can easily pickpocket such vulnerable smartphones. 

Keep the earphones on 

One of the best techniques to keep your mobile phone from being stolen while on the streets is to keep your earphones on. I have found this to be effective, as once a pickpocket was trying to pull the phone away and I felt the tug.      

Do not leave your phone unattended 

Expensive smartphones are nicked by thieves mostly when the owners leave their device unattended. Avoid leaving your phone on a restaurant table or on a random platform, even if the area is considered safe. 

Download anti-theft apps 

Anti-theft apps are available for both iOS and Android phones. Some of these software store details like SIM Serial number, IMEI number, IMSI number, Cell ID, location area code, MNC number, and MCC number. The app runs secretly in the background and sends a message to 3 selected friends when a new SIM is fitted in the phone.  

Use the Google Activity page 

Still, if you happen to have your smartphone stolen, you can track it through Google’s My Activity panel, in which the Location History is available. This only works if the phone is still on and the perpetrators have not logged off your Google account in your phone. 

Stay sharp and stay safe!   

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