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Importance of smartphones in today's world cannot be brushed aside. Any damage to them can stall important work, besides missing out on calls. The screen of these smartphones are very fragile and can get scratched easily. Apart from protecting it with screen guards, we should take care of it while cleaning.

There are certain techniques that should be implemented while cleaning the phone screen. Also, there are certain things that should be avoided while taking care of the screen.

  1. Avoid using household cleaners
    Household cleaners, such as window cleaners or soaps and detergents may contain ammonia, which can make the screen exposed to scratches. This can damage your phone screen.
  2. Avoid using shaggy cloths and paper towels
    They can wreck the screen. Instead, use microfiber cloths that are specifically designed for phone screens.
  3. Avoid using a large amount of water
    Although there are many water-proof mobile phones available that allows you to use a specified amount of water. These phones are IP certified. If your phone is not IP certified, avoid using water. Instead, you can use a damp microfiber cloth.
  4. Don't rub alcohol
    Instead of using the alcohol directly, use a soft and damp microfiber cloth to clean the phone screen.
  5. Stay away from nail-polish and makeup removers
    Many people use nail-polish and makeup removers to clean their phone screen. These contain harsh chemicals that are harmful to the screen.
  6. Avoid forced wiping
    Smartphone's screen is delicate. Therefore, avoid harsh wiping the screen. You should take special care while wiping the screen. Rub the screen with a soft touch.

Protect your screen and enhance your phone's lifespan.

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