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Today morning my friend, Vidya called me while I was leaving for office. She was very upset about her damaged iPhone6 screen. She informed me that in order to avoid spending a huge amount at an Apple service center, she submitted her mobile to a dealer at the Electronics market of Karol Bagh hoping it would be done in 2 days. However, it took around 5 days to got her phone back. 

Every time she had to commute to Karol Bagh from her place because of that unprofessional repair person, who was unresponsive to her calls and texts. Within a few days of repair, her phone stopped responding. She tried numerous tools and techniques to fix the issue by reinstalling the problematic applications, freeing up IOS storage and rebooting. 

Vidya is super annoyed with the repair guy who has refused to help her. He is blaming her for the screen damage. She is disappointed with the fact that in spite of spending Rs1,000, she is left with her phone in a worse state than before. She can't afford to spend big bucks at the Apple service center, neither she has the courage to take another risk at local repair shops.

At this point, she needs professional help. She needs a well-balanced solution in terms of quality and money, the same way we look for a doctor when we fall sick. What if your phone seeks this kind of professional help? Well, it would be unfair with your phone if you hand over it to an untrustworthy doctor just for the sake of saving money. 

I suggested Vidya look for the trustworthy screen replacement service provider to get reliable mobile screen repair service.

Folks, think twice while you choose your mobile screen doctor. Your phone deserves to be treated well .

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