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phone screen repair at home

Those ‘try at home’ YouTube videos can make even landing on the Moon look like a cakewalk. From the well-known reputed sites to the shoddy homemade videos, the Internet is full of techies sharing ‘gyan’ on how to fix a broken mobile screen right at home.

The question is how easy or safe is it to change the cracked screen of your smartphone at home. Do you have the right tools to repair it yourself? Are you aware about the minute parts of the phone that will have to be reconnected, readjusted or just replaced?

If you fumbled at these questions, then the answer is NO. It is NOT safe to repair a broken phone screen at home. Not even after you have gotten those fancy brand new tools that you had ordered online. I talk from experience.

I had a Samsung phone with a cracked screen lying at home. After an intensive R&D over the Internet, I decided to save some bucks by replacing the broken screen at home. I did feel like a surgeon with those tiny screw drivers and tongs in my hand whilst opening bare the display unit of my smartphone. This was easy, the opening bit.

My heart sank a little as the display unit came apart after freeing the last screw. The innards of my Samsung phone both repelled and scared me. It looked like an electronic maze, of which I knew nothing. However, I mustered up some courage, tried to collect my wits and tried to calm myself down, my reference website had it easy, in a step-by-step instruction. What could possibly go wrong?

To be honest to you, my high spirit didn’t let me sail far. It was just a matter of minutes before I made a total mangled mess of what was once my phone. In a desperate bid to stick back the broken screen, I cut my fingers with minute shards of glass stuck to my fingertips.

I realized, I should have not been penny-wise, at least in getting my broken phone screen replaced. The fees I paid to the doctor to repair the damage to my punctured fingers was equivalent to the money that I would have otherwise spent on getting the screen fixed by a professional.

Long story short, repairing or replacing a broken screen at home is a total no-no unless you are certified technician to do so. Such a misadventure will not only harm you physically, but will also leave your phone totally redundant due to the lousy attempt at home.

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