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Owning a phone makes me feel like the evil sorcerer of the vintage movie Hatimtai, whose life is sealed away in a caged bird. In my case, my daily humdrum and important moments are stored in my phone, which if someone with malafide intentions catches hold of, may use insidiously. 

It’s why smartphone developers need to create products that are extremely secure and keep the data tightly locked. Luckily, the market has such smartphones right now that consumers can buy to safeguard their photos, social media accounts, sensitive documents, and more. Have a look!     

BlackBerry KEY 2

BlackBerry Key 2 is popular due to the BlackBerry brand of security. It locks its contents using a fingerprint scanner, and has the ability to sandbox user accounts. One of BlackBerry Key 2’s unique security features is that it can wipe data in case of a failed login, which is extremely useful if this phone gets stolen.      

iPhone XS Max 

I’ve used iPhone XS Max, and found the facial recognition system to be one of the best things about the phone. The smartphone takes backups with a file-based AES 256 encryption. It also restricts the usage of the data port.      

Galaxy Note 9 

The Iris of an individual is spoof-proof, and Samsung has made it an indispensable feature of Galaxy Note 9. Like BlackBerry Key 2, this phone also sandboxes user accounts. With the ‘Secure Folder’ app, you can hide and lock documents, personal photos, and sensitive videos.      

Pixel 3 XL 

Pixel 3 XL is famous in the market for its Titan M hardware security model. The Titan M chip verifies boot conditions when the Android is turned on, and ensure that it has not been tampered-with using low-level programming. It’s a great anti-hack mechanism.  

Sirin Finney 

Sirin Finney is the first Blockchain smartphone in the market. This mobile makes sure that none of its components has been compromised by using the using a hardware root of trust system. 

If you have one of these monsters, you won’t have to worry about your friends snooping around your phone ever again. For more of such interesting pieces, keep reading GoEasyRepair’s blog section. 

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