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Mobile screen repairs are fairly easy, but exorcising a rootkit in your phone is not. It takes a long time and considerable effort to find the rootkit and then delete its files permanently. Rootkits are able to sneak into your phone or computer through backdoors, without you knowing. If you are a Huawei user, chances are, your phone has a backdoor left by the manufacturer for their insidious plans.   

There are reports of US officials discovering that Huawei has backdoor access to global mobile networks. The Chinese juggernaut has denied such allegations, but the denial can’t be taken at face value due to their involvement in high profile controversies. 

The US government blacklisted Huawei last year due to security concerns. Moreover, Google had to ban this Chinese company from using the Android operating system. Since then Huawei has been experiencing a barrage of challenges. It could fall into more trouble, following what US officials have brought to light. 

According to the United States’ security administrators, Huawei has set up hacking devices within the systems it sells around the world. These are actually the backdoors that were created by Huawei for Chinese law enforcement agencies so they could track criminals and state-enemies. The backdoors can be found in Huawei’s switching devices, antennas, and base stations primarily. There were rumors of Huawei introducing backdoors in mobiles on independent Chinese blogs. But after they were reported, the Chinese government pulled down hosts of those blogs. 

Huawei tried to save its grace by refuting claims made by the US. They explained that the employees of Huawei cannot access any network without the network operator’s approval. I personally have nothing against Chinese mobile products but these reports are making me regret buying the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro. 

With the Coronavirus about, China needs to pay attention to its falling mobile exports. The country needs to address such sneaky practices before it does any more damage to the country’s reputation.  

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