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Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS is as different as chalk and cheese. You might have come across a comparative debate of these two operating systems. Both of them are unique in their way with the distinctive crowd of users who appreciates them. 

Undoubtedly, iPhone mobiles always fall in high-budget handsets. Though the brand has been putting efforts to gather the attention of mid-range smartphone users as well. Android users are furnished by wide varieties of smartphones covering all the budget categories. Android lovers spend heavily while buying their favorite featured mobile or end up purchasing a mid-range mobile with matched features and specifications.

Millions of applications are available on the Apple App Store and Google Playstore. Both of them have a cluster of popular apps each covering a specific population. As per my experience, the browsing experience in the Apple App Store is comparatively better than Playstore. Fingerprint sensors in Android and Touch ID in IOS are efficient technologies with the successful security solution.

If you’ll compare in terms of battery life. You can easily beat the battery life of iPhone if you’re buying high-priced Android mobile. The periodic updates are one of the common factors that make both operating systems user-friendly. Though, the iPhone updates are relatively more frequent as compared to Android. The customization is more functional in case of Android phones.

Google navigation maps are more reliable than Apple maps. This is because of the active cycling directions in Android. Nowadays, there is an “Easy Mode” option with the aim of easing mobile functions for elderly people. They often face issues in operating smartphones. In this category of function, iPhone wins! iPhone offers comparatively more such options to facilitate the use.

There is a vast diversity in the screen-to-body ratios. Both categories of operating systems viz Android and IOS provide a wide variety of handsets to the users. IOS consists of numerous third-party email applications while sticks to Gmail default application with few authorized third-party email applications.

Back up facility, in terms of quality and reliability,  is quite similar in both the operating systems. They might differ in terms of their looks and functionality. However, their basic operation resembles each other. 

Do you know what is the world’s difficult comparison? The comparison what we are trying to make here! GoEasyRepair believes that tracing a competitive table between Android and Apple is a hard task to accomplish.

Just the way every element present on Earth have unique physical and chemical properties. Similarly, with elite features and properties, Android and Apple mobiles should not be compared on sharp edges.

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