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Bugs are an important part of any software development. It’s an efficient tool to fix issues present in the developed software. These bugs work as gauge equipment in measuring the device’s efficiency. One of the popular examples is Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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The Samsung Galaxy Fold was supposed to be launched in April this year.,  However, with the negative reviews it garnered,  Samsung canceled the launch. Although the brand has not announced a fresh date, it is expected that Galaxy Fold will be unveiled in September.

Though the brand had tested the handset beforehand, a lot of bugs were pointed out by reviewers.

Numerous negative reviews were posted on various social media platforms with negative feedback of the screen-bending feature of Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The social media was filled with posts about  dead and operated phones within a few days of its media release. Although the launch date wasn't announced, the excitement and curiosity was at its peak. With the detrimental posts and comments, Samsung decided to stop the official launch and canceled and refunded all the pre-orders.

“It was embarrassing, I pushed it through before it was ready,'' said DongJin Koh, President & CEO at Samsung. With the nasty feedback posted on social media, people were disappointed.

What exactly did the reviewers find faulty? The mobile’s design was the biggest concern. Because of the foldable screen design, debris could enter the mobile effortlessly.

As mentioned by the reviewers, there was a gap on the screen bezel that let permit tiny particles of dust enter inside the screen. Apart from this, the design of the screen was extremely fragile and got damaged with a small crack. Samsung failed to engineer the basic shortfalls of the display tech.

Let’s see how the brand overcomes the shortcomings and lift-off its first foldable technology in the smartphone market.

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