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Moore’s law is predicting the future, at least in the realm of smartphones. Xiaomi’s new patent is making headlines in the market while following suit with Galaxy Fold 2’s anticipated design. Like Galaxy Fold 2, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is proposing to put a backside display, albeit small in size and shaped square like its iPhone 11-like quad-camera. 

The most pronounced feature of this smartphone is the absence of thick bezels. The phone’s screen to body ratio is close to 100% with proximity and notification sensors settled on a really thick strip. The earpiece is located on this strip as well.   

The secondary backside display will most definitely show the time, notification alerts, caller ID, and battery percentage, especially when the phone is placed on the table, facing down. The only difference in design with other Xiaomi phones here is that the patent shows no sign of a selfie camera. 

Moreover, the secondary display might act as a view-finder to click selfies with the rear camera setup. In my opinion, the selfie camera is probably under-display, which is a long-awaited feature expected from Xiaomi and Oppo.  

The LED flash of this phone has been placed below the quad-cameras and the backside display, aligned in the middle. The patent does not hint at a fingerprint scanner, which is probably an under-display function as well.

Recently, Xiaomi has patented a foldable smartphone like the Galaxy Fold as well, following the essence of Moto Razr. The phone will have dual front cameras and a secondary display on the front. Another leaked patent of Xiaomi reveals a foldable phone with five cameras on the top bezel. Hopefully, all these phones will be available at cheaper prices. 

But for me, the question still remains, when will the smartphone market start working on dirt-cheap use-and-throw translucent smartphones that are shown in the movies?  


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