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MIUI to concentrate on Stable version

Xiaomi Corporation, the leading electronics company, recently announced the suspension of the release of MIUI Global Beta updates starting July 1. However, the MIUI Stable updates will be continued for a smooth experience of the customers.

MIUI Global ROM, an Android operating system pre-installed in all the Xiaomi devices, is an exclusive platform for customers to experience the latest features, recognize bugs, and report them accordingly.

MIUI software has two versions: MIUI Stable, and MIUI Beta. MIUI Beta is confined to selected users, testers, and developers who test the updates ahead of the public release. It generally has fixes for bugs in the Stable version, and new features that need to be tested. However, MIUI Stable version consists of the multilayered tested features and updates, for which all the users can give their feedback.

Engineers at Xiaomi have commented in the MI community website that MIUI Global Beta ROM was initially devised for testing and feedback purposes. These updates also carry bugs and limitations that the users need to face in order to test the early additions. Also, they aren't targeted to provide users a platform to experience new features. This is the reason why Xiaomi decided to stop them, and rather concentrate on the stable version.

At the same time, Xiaomi has committed to strengthen the stable version of the MIUI. It would continue to introduce all the required updates periodically. They will continue to seek feedback and suggestions from the users by providing stable releases frequently.

We also wish that with this decision, Xiaomi continues to hold its position in the smartphone market and enhance their software experience.

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